Stress-Less Massage & Aerial Yoga -

Now offering Aerial Yoga Classes! Group and private sessions available!

Aerial Yoga Studio is in suite 100.

       Aerial Yoga Prices:

 1 hour group class $20
Private 1 hour session $65
Private group class(up to 5 people) $100

No prior yoga experience is necessary, however, private sessions are recommended for beginner's. In a private session you can expect a thorough evaluation to assess strength, flexibility, and postural patterns, so that the session can be modified & refined to meet your needs.

Book your class now by clicking the link below. The schedule for group classes is under the classes section, and private classes are booked under the appointment section. There must be at least 2 students registered for group class by 2 hours prior to start time, or the class will be canceled. Please wear yoga attire with a shirt that covers your armpits, and remove all jewelry prior to arrival. Please arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for class.

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Aerial Yoga Hammocks on Sale now!!!!

Purchase now and pick up in studio
The Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

- Yoga hammocks are designed to support your body weight allowing you to  achieve deeper stretches and yoga postures in a relaxing way with a reduced chance of injury.

- Strengthens core muscles, including those hard to get pelvic floor muscles.

-Improves flexibility & balance.

-Works out multiple body parts simultaneously.

- Inversions help to decompress the spine; where as with mat yoga, inversions may compress the spine leading to pain and injury.

-Improves posture by increasing the health of the spine, spinal cord, and surrounding nerves.

- Opens the pathways of energy, lymph, blood, and nerves, and improves digestion.

- Reverses the flow of gravity, anti-aging, and increases circulation.

- Quiets the mind and calms the nerves.

- Increases body awareness.