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The Power of Touch for Pain Relief
Is your bed that magical place that suddenly makes you remember everything you were supposed to do that day? Your mind starts swinging from one random thought to another, an hour goes by, tossing and turning, two hours go by, still wide awake? Then you wake up the next morning feeling tired, stiff, and groggy. Well did you know that a one hour massage session is equal to eight hours of sleep, and also relaxes you so that you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to start your day? At Stress-Less Massage Therapy we focus on the psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits of body work. Including massage techniques that can greatly reduce chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, grief, and daily stress.
The health benefits of massage improve the more often you receive it. A series of massage sessions designed to release tight muscles for improved flexibility and movement is recommended. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are effective for getting ahead of mental stress, chronic pain, and preventing injuries followed with monthly sessions for maintenance. Receive a massage at least once a month to improve your life, preserve your health, and save you money on doctors visits and prescription drugs. Pain killers help to mask the symptoms, but massage can actually fix the problem.
Stress-Less is unlike a chain store where you may get routine treatment, and unlike a luxury spa with expensive amenities. There are no membership fees or binding contracts. Enjoy the rewarding benefits of massage with excellent service and support in living the life you envision.
Stress-Less is the ultimate in relaxation, stress-reduction, and personalized service. All products used for treatment are organic lotions and oils with aromatherapy, Deep Heat Treatments, BioFreeze, and more.
Stress-Less at our Massage & Yoga Studio
1408 B Stonehollow Dr, suite 100
Kingwood, TX 77339
Stress-Less Massage Therapy is located in Kingwood, TX  with service to surrounding area of Atascocita, Humble, New Caney, Huffman, Porter, Spring, Crosby, and Summerwood.
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